Promotion of the scientific and the cultural heritage of the orient.
Organising courses for the promotion of the scientific and the cultural
heritage of the orient.
Creation of forum for the exchange of experience and scientific

Our mission

The Institute of Oriental Medicine was established for the creation of the genuine and factual reference related to the art and science of the Far East.

The idea of the Institute was born during my various meetings and discussions, as well my encounters in the treatment room with the patients over the last twenty years.
The people who talked to me, and the patients who benefited from
the Traditional Chinese Medicine
treatment were engrossed by the philosophy and the wisdom of this time tested system.
The formation of the Institute is an attempt to come forward to the needs of those who wish to broaden their knowledge on the subject and those who would like to benefit from its insight.

I strongly believe that the art and science intermingle like
Yin and Yang
Consequently, talking about the one without considering the other gives incomplete comprehension of the subject and if not viewed in the cultural background both developed generally leads to misunderstanding.

The Institute welcomes those who wish to contribute towards the authenticity and the contents of these pages, as well as those who wish to express their creative criticism of these pages contents.

Henryk Dyczek

November, 2004

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